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A History of Sheco

Humble Beginnings


Southern Heat Exchanger had its humble beginning in 1961. It started production in the back part of Dixie Steel’s facility, near the bridge in Alberta City, which is on Tuscaloosa’s east side. A handful of heat exchangers were manufactured, and thus began the business that we now call SHECO (Southern Heat Exchanger Corporation).

A Place Of Our Own


With the growing demand for high quality heat exchangers and our ability to make them, the company built its own facility where Plant One is currently located. It all started with the Quonset hut and the West Bay.  Both of which are still in use today.


Adding On


Due to our continued record of extremely high levels of quality, service, and safety, it became necessary to grow our work space and add on to the existing facility. Our first major expansion took place in 1990, with the addition of the East Bay to handle the heaviest and largest heat exchangers.




When Plant Two was acquired, Dixie Steel once again crossed paths with SHECO. At the time, Dixie’s facility was about a mile down the road from Plant One. The business was purchased and, within 18 months, it was transformed into a world class SHECO facility that was capable of rolling shells, burning parts, and manufacturing air cooling exchangers.

Further Expansion


A new division of SHECO was formed during the market downturn of 2003. A handful of skilled individuals began working with a very limited set of tools in an extremely small facility in Southeast Houston (Pasadena). Due to rapid expansion with our clientele and the need to complete multiple ambitious jobs at once, a much larger facility was soon needed. In 2005 we settled into Northeast Houston. As business continued to boom, an even larger facility was needed and procured in 2014.

Further Expansion


SHECO was acquired by the NDA Group, thus expanding the reach of our client base as well as the depth of the work that we can do. The NDA Group is based New Zealand and has a talented staff of more than 700 people. They are a world leader in the engineering fabrication of stainless steel, as well as creating heat exchangers and other highly specialized products.

Acquisition of Plant Three


Once again our track record of superior craftsmanship led us to need more space. Conveniently, across from Plant Two was the Thornton Welding building. When Thornton Welding relocated into a new facility, we pounced on the opportunity to seize their property for our own growth. Plant Three is now used as a training facility, an air cooled manufacturing facility, and bundle building area.


Recent Expansion


The most recent addition to SHECO is just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in Skiatook. The facility’s collection of great talent and excellent quality have made it a welcome addition to the SHECO network. This facility has been building shell and tube heat exchangers, as well as air cooled exchangers, since 1995. The diverse skill set of the men and women comprising SHECO Tulsa complement the other facilities, and they have seamlessly become part of the SHECO family.


We want to be the first choice manufacturer of custom heat exchanger products in North America.


Our mission is to promote a safe workplace, encourage open communication, and foster long-term career development for our employees. We pledge to manufacture products that have an industry leading quality, while also maintaining punctual delivery and exemplary customer service. We strive to provide our stakeholders with profitable growth, have continuous improvement, and preserve sustainable financial operations.


OUR SPIRIT: Safety – Passion – Integrity – Responsibility – Innovation – Teamwork

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